We strive to accurately  represent historical military periods which we reenact. It is expected that members commit to acquiring a complete "kit" consisting of the apparel for the period(s) in which you desire to participate.  You need not acquire the whole kit at once. The organization has a limited number to lend for events, but the expectation is for each member to eventually make the investment for his own. This includes leather, canteen, cartridge box, haversack, and foot wear. The same applies the weapons of the period (minors excepted). See weapons demo's below. To handle weapons at events, you must have completed drill and safety training, or demonstrate that you have the requisite knowledge if you have previous experience.  Members are encouraged to attend a "School of the Soldier" event. 

Civil War USCT

Africans that fought in the United States Colored Troops during the Civil War wore their uniforms with pride.  Members are expected to meet the standard of the time, worn by init enlistees, non-commissioned officers, or officers as applies. 

Our organization is based in New Jersey and compliant with the applicable state firearm laws

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